Cinépolis Junior: Creating a Kid-Friendly Cinema Experience

This month's edition of Shopping Centers Today shines the spotlight on Cinépolis Junior—an imaginative and colorful space that has been specially designed to accommodate kids and their unique experience at the movies. Cinépolis Junior shows G and PG movies only and allows 15-20 minutes of playtime before the movie and half-way through the flick. Cinépolis Junior is really creating something special for the little ones with this vibrant and bean-bag-laden theater where playtime is encouraged, however in a structured fashion. SMS Architects is well acquainted with Cinépolis Junior's existing locations in Vista and Pico Rivera. We were the architect for these family- and kid-friendly cinemas. We are so happy to hear that Cinépolis Junior is expanding to more locations! 

Shopping Centers Today,  June 2018 edition

Shopping Centers Today, June 2018 edition