Gaucho Grill: Grand Re-Opening

On Saturday, August 25th Gaucho Grill's Grand Opening took place as a huge success. We are thrilled to have this culturally-emboldened restaurant project added to our portfolio, and we wish Gaucho Grill in West Covina, CA all the best in dining success! This property previously existed as a Chinese restaurant, and has now been completely remodeled into a contemporary celebration of the tradition, values and culture of the Gaucho lifestyle. The remodeled dining venue includes an enlarged patio outside, a full bar inside, and a Argentinian-inspired mural along the dining room wall. Congratulations Gaucho Grill!


We have great news! This week marks the grand opening of Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas Victory Park in Dallas, Texas! At 44,000 square feet, Victory Park marks the second largest draw in the district's main corridor, behind only the American Airlines Center, home to the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 10.02.29 AM.png

Read more in this article from Dallas News.

Visit Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas Victory Park online page.

Cinépolis Junior: Creating a Kid-Friendly Cinema Experience

This month's edition of Shopping Centers Today shines the spotlight on Cinépolis Junior—an imaginative and colorful space that has been specially designed to accommodate kids and their unique experience at the movies. Cinépolis Junior shows G and PG movies only and allows 15-20 minutes of playtime before the movie and half-way through the flick. Cinépolis Junior is really creating something special for the little ones with this vibrant and bean-bag-laden theater where playtime is encouraged, however in a structured fashion. SMS Architects is well acquainted with Cinépolis Junior's existing locations in Vista and Pico Rivera. We were the architect for these family- and kid-friendly cinemas. We are so happy to hear that Cinépolis Junior is expanding to more locations! 

  Shopping Centers Today,  June 2018 edition

Shopping Centers Today, June 2018 edition

That time we all went OUT for lunch: Taco Wednesday

Yesterday was no ordinary day at the office. Around lunchtime, the SMS Architects team along with Wright Engineers and P.R. Construction headed out to the courtyard for a playful and muy delicioso Taco Wednesday. 

Thank you to Liz Cera, Scott Jones, Wright Engineers, P.R. Construction AND Ramon and Emma of Tacos Tacos a Domicilio for this festive and fun outdoor lunch! We can't wait to have another courtyard lunch break! 


“Build it, and they will come.”  

Someone once said that. (I think it was Kevin Costner in the 1989 film Field of Dreams.) This adage, however uncontested in the last three decades by retail real estate developers, now needs revision. --> “First design it, then build it… and then they will come— for the experience.”

By now we’ve all been made aware of the current state of retail being firmly EXPERIENTIAL. As consumers continue to choose to do their shopping online instead of in person, the rumor that “retail is dead” has been spread… however prematurely. After all, retail is not dead; instead, it is evolving to incorporate more than just the brick and mortar buying and selling of goods. Today’s successful retailing includes the promise to provide that which cannot be bought and sold online: face-to-face in person social experiences.

In decades past, retail centers included about 70% of retail space with much of the remaining 30% of space dedicated to restaurants, theaters, fitness centers, and other consumer experience venues. Today, however, that statistic has flipped. In today’s world of experiential retail, 70% of your space needs to be developed for the experience—dining with family, taking a spin class, catching a flick with friends; the remaining 30% of space is retail (including the ever popular pop-up style retail.)

As a retail real estate developer you have to ask yourself—in light of this new development, what is the right strategy in this demi-crisis of retail?

Pacific City in Huntington Beach, CA is a leading example of Southern California experiential retail.



It’s all about providing the right space, thoughtfully designed, for consumers to experience. It's not about building buildings, it's about building communities. After all, there's no BUY NOW button for a face-to-face dinner with your best friend from college, and there's no option for "Free Shipping" on taking your daughter to the movies to see the latest Pixar film. We are all just still people. And we know how to build for people.

— SMS Architects
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